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Leading Change

A 1-hour leadership workshop exclusively for your organization

Growth is only possible in the presence of change; however most businesses are not built for change.

Organizations that thrive must continually adapt to shifting circumstances in the marketplace and to meet changing customer needs. Growth is only possible in the presence of change; however, most businesses are not built for change. They are built to produce and deliver their product or service, yet it is the business’ ability to change that will ultimately determine its long-term success and sustainability. Change can happen quickly and effectively when we plan for it, align the forces to drive it, and make the commitment to lead it.

What Leaders Will Learn

Participants will gain foundational abilities to do the following:


Leverage their knowledge of human behavior change to build and execute an effective game plan for successful change.

Prepare a team or business for change in a way that ensures the change happens faster and is more sustainable.


Recognize and remove the roadblocks that stop change and lead teams so that they embrace the opportunities associated with change.

Analyze the 8 Vectors of Change and address each of them in ways that cause the change to happen more successfully.


Effectively execute their role as a change leader and contribute to the speed of change rather than impede its progress.

Understand the common missteps that happen during organizational change and how to avoid them.

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